It’s a choice no one should ever have to make. A Kenyan man told me that he did not know what to do. If he left his home, he was afraid that he would get the Coronavirus and die. If he stayed home, he was afraid that he would starve to death.

I was explaining to some people how they needed to wash their hands during this pandemic. “But what if we don’t have any clean water?” they responded.

“It’s all about food!” another told me. “If we don’t get some more food here, we are going to die.”

CRF works in nearly twenty countries. And it is the same in every one of them. They need food and water. And that is what CRF is doing all over the world. We are giving away food and even delivering it to people in lockdown. Whether it is Honduras, Liberia, or India—our CRF directors and workers are making sure people are not facing a food or death situation. 

We are not only helping all of our children but their families as well.

Last month we showed you pictures of CRF helping with food. I just couldn’t get enough of the photos. We had to share more!