You’ve got to love the Gary and Marci Ayers family. Listen to their story —

After reading Max Lucado’s book, we have been dreaming of and praying for ways to “outlive our lives.” For more than 3 years now, one of the opportunities that God placed in our hearts was to drill a well for clean water in a desolate area of Africa.

When we read about the matching grant through CRF, we quickly became ecstatic that the Lord had made a way for us to drill a well despite our limitations. Although we could by no means do this alone, we knew that if we gathered our family together and transmitted the excitement, we could drill a well together as a family for Christmas! We prayed diligently for our passion to become contagious as we spread the news. It did.

Accomplishing our goal as a family has brought great joy to everyone. Many determined to forego Christmas gifts in order to give a better gift that would outlast us all. We could not be more excited that our dream has been granted us by the Lord! We thank you all at CRF for the opportunity that gave us the ability to accomplish a long-term vision!

Most humbly and sincerely in Christ,
Gary and Marci Ayers
Fort Worth, TX

Here’s what Gary and Marci shared with their family —

This Christmas, our family is drilling a water well in Africa! We want to outlive our lives, and we’ve been watchful for opportunities to do so. 

For about 3 years now, we have dreamed of someday being able to drill a much-needed water well in Africa—in order to provide clean drinking water and irrigation for a community. There are places where they haven’t seen rain in 6 years, where people walk for 4 hours every single day just to carry a heavy 5-gallon bucket of stagnant water for their family’s survival. Even though they know the water is contaminated, it is their only choice.

Half of the world’s hospitalized population is due to water-borne illness. But we take sanitary water for granted.

CRF, a highly accountable organization we have supported for many years, can now drill a well for $10,000 because of a donor who helped them purchase their own drilling rig (was $20,000/well prior to that). And now there is a matching fund which will match every donated dollar 100%. This means we can fund an entire well if we raise only $5000!

This was still cost-prohibitive for us individually, but then we began to think bigger: What if? Just what if we came together on this, and we drill a well as a FAMILY? A family well!

Our generous matching gift makers have continued to match past Christmas.
You and your family can still drill a well like the Ayers did.

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