And the water was no more. It just stopped in Simba Gero. Water flowed there abundantly after another organization drilled a well, and then five years ago it just stopped. 

Usually, CRF drills water wells. But sometimes we don’t have to do so. We can fix a water source that is no longer working. 

“We thank God for his divine provision through Christian Relief Fund. There was joy and celebration as we finished and commissioned the water supply which stalled five years ago,” Haggai Kidiri, our director at Wema House, said. 

Instead of drilling a new well, we managed to put a more powerful pump and solar panels on the old water source. Then we repaired the water pipes and plumbing. 

With all of this work, we were able to pump water to the highest point in the Koyala area of Kenya bringing water to the market, the schools, and the community at large. Before this restoration, children were getting dirty water from the river to drink. They had no other choice. “Thanks CRF for putting smiles on the faces of our children,” Haggai said. 

Christian Relief Fund needs $10,000 to drill a water well. Since we have matching funds, we can drill a well for $5,000. But what happens if someone gives less than $5,000? Two things can happen. First of all, we can combine a contribution under $5,000 with others to come up with enough money for a well. But other times, we can repair a well for cheaper than it costs to drill, and we can give clean water for a lower cost. 

We just want you to be sure — whether you give $10,000, $5,000, or any amount — you are part of the solution to bring clean water and life.