When I recently visited Kitale, Kenya, one of our directors, Priscilla Wairimu introduced me to one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen.

As beautiful as the baby was, his story was anything but beautiful.

His mother had been sexually assaulted and decided to give the child to our children’s home in Kitale where Priscilla and our staff would provide for his needs.

The father only wanted to have one thing to do with the child. He wanted to name the new baby. He searched for what he thought was just the right name and chose Ishmael, which in Kenya means rejected one.

Can you imagine this name being placed on you for life?

In the compassionate atmosphere of the Kitale home, Ishmael got all kinds of love and care. And he even got a sponsor. Lauren and Conrad Prugh heard about this abandoned child and wanted to sponsor him immediately. Lauren is the daughter of our executive director, Kevin Wasner.

And the baby’s name was also changed. Ishmael is now Victor.

Indeed he is victorious. There is a lot to be said for this change of names. It is a statement that evil has been overcome by good.

We pray that Victor will have a good life with his new name. — Milton Jones, CRF President