“Close the sky, close the sky!” 

That was the immediate response today – in chorus, in English – from the women Bobby Moore and I visited at a refugee center in Alexandria, southwest of Bucharest when we asked how we could help. 25 women and children ranging from 6 months to 75 years have been at the center since early March. “Close the sky!” was shocking and a stark reminder of exactly what they had fled and what was most on their minds. 

All of them left behind husbands, fathers, brothers and other male relatives, or “our boys” as the women referred to them. Program director Christina (in red) and her staff are taking excellent care of this group, but they aren’t home. I wish I could share with you the faces, from the smiling, encouraging adult sisters Irina and Marina to the faces of trauma on the children like 7 year old Ksenya and her baby sister. I can’t – but I can ask you to pray for the skies to close and for peace be restored to Ukraine so these women and children can return home to their “boys.”