“And don’t forget there are two ‘f’s.” I’ve said it a thousand times to the thousands of people who talk to me at a CRF promotional table. The question —“What’s your website address?”

I’m not sure why, but it seems like a bunch of us have a difficult time typing out christianrelieffund.org. And then if we do, we put .com instead of .org

Let me tell you, I have dreamed for many years of having the gold standard of all domains—CRF.com

But it was never available. A company in the Netherlands owned it. And guess what happened? They quit using it last year. And we were able to obtain it by making a donation to their charity which includes helping a bunch of orphaned children in Tanzania.

I feel a drumroll coming…

We are now going to be CRF.COM! 

And since most people call us CRF already, our new domain should make it easier to find us on Google, too!

Of course, if you really love christianrelieffund.org and can remember that there are two ‘f’s, you will still be able to use it. The old domain will get you to the same place. But if you are like me—it’s going to be CRF.com

I’m even thinking of changing my email address. You know, dropping the weird one that’s long and confuses people. I might even go to milt@CRF.com What do you think?