Have you had a CRF Sunday at your congregation?

Let us know if you would like Milton to speak at your gathering! If he can’t make it on a specific Sunday, Bobby Moore or Kevin Wasner also give inspiring messages of hope filled with CRF stories.

Listen what others are saying about having Milton visit their church!

– CRF Team



Partnering with CRF is one of the most significant things we have ever done as a church! Of course it makes sense to sponsor orphans; how could there be any argument on that? Through these sponsor- ships, lives are changed and many lives and souls are saved.

But awakening and embracing a heart that beats for these little ones who have been forgotten by almost everyone but God —that might actually save the life and soul of your church, as its own heart begins to beat like the heart of Jesus Christ. Give CRF a call; have Milton Jones come and infect your congregation with a loving, winsome and irresistible “discomfort” that will help them come to see that the plight of orphans simply must matter to them. Once it does matter, everything changes!

– Jim Shelburne,Washington Avenue Christian Church — Amarillo, TX


Milton Jones is one of the best preachers I know. Not only does he have extremely wise insight into the scriptures, he also is an incredi- ble story teller. His style makes him a huge hit with our youth and young adults, but he is truly loved by people of all ages. While his sermons often move people to tears, they always leave you with hope and have truly inspired our congregation to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community and around the world.

Partnering with the Christian Relief Fund has given our people a very simple, inexpensive and meaningful way to carry out James’ definition of pure religion and truly give life to orphans. Several of our people not only sponsor children in Africa and South America, they also correspond regularly with them.

In addition, our partnership with CRF has been a great blessing to our elders and ministry staff in times of natural disaster. When disas- ter strikes anywhere in the world, our people always want to provide relief and assistance to those who are affected. Because we know and trust CRF, we take up a collection and then just allow CRF to see that the money is spent in a manner that does the most good, because they have trusted agents who are on the ground in the actual area that has been struck.

I highly recommend Milton Jones and the Christian Relief Fund to any church looking for a wonderful guest speaker and a partnership that serves the Kingdom in a powerful way!

– Jim Barnett, Preston Road Church of Christ — Dallas, TX 


For seven straight years we have brought Milton to Oxford to speak to our students at Ole Miss. He has spoken to a wide range of groups—from our midweek Bible class for college students to our church family on a Sunday morning.

His lessons always inspire and inform. And it is always a highlight of our fall semester. Before Milton arrives, he works with us to be sure he is bringing a message that is timely for everyone.

Many people want to help globally but don’t know how. Let me encourage you to bring Milton to your local ministry and the Spirit will show you how you can be part of God’s amazing global work!

– Casey Coston, Rebels for Christ, Ole Miss Uni. — Oxford, MS 

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