We hear so much about death in this pandemic. But there is also new life. Sara Guido, one of our sponsored students in Managua, Nicaragua, is now in medical school and recently delivered her first baby by caesarean section!

We are so proud of Sara. She is going to make a great and needed doctor in Nicaragua. She sends love and greetings not only to her sponsor, Kathleen Bounds, but also to everyone connected to CRF. Sara warns that too many people in Nicaragua are not taking proper precautionary measures in the pandemic. With the limited resources in her country, she predicts dire consequences unless there is change. She hopes all of us who sponsor children will also use caution in this crisis.

Sara asks for God to bless us, protect us, and give us good health in this pandemic. We believe that Nicaragua is doing a little bit better because Sara is in medicine.

We also hope that all of our sponsors can keep safe. Students like Sara need and love you. And so does CRF.

CRF Board member Dr. Eric Dahl gives us the following recommendations (and they nearly all rhyme).
1. Stay in Place
2. Keep Your Space
3. Cover Your Face
4. Wash Your Hands