Johnny Miller’s dream seemed impossible.

He was an eleven-year-old Liberian boy who had just survived a seven-year civil war. 600,000 people had been killed. His country was in shambles. He was surrounded by poverty and brokenness. War was all he remembered. How could a boy like Johnny ever become a doctor? All hope seemed lost.

But then Johnny found his way to Ford-Madden Christian Academy (FMCA) and was sponsored by Troy and Katie Link. That’s when everything changed!

Literally without their support, I wouldn’t have reached where I am today! I remain grateful to my sponsors whose prayers and financial support contributed immensely to my life and encouraged me to reach for my dreams.

And Johnny definitely reached for his dreams. After working hard to catch up on the years of education he had missed during the war, Johnny graduated with honors from FMCA and received a scholarship from CRF to attend one of Liberia’s best universities.

After graduating from undergrad, Johnny received a government scholarship to attend medical school in China. He was finally on his way to becoming a doctor! But there was a problem—all of Johnny’s classes were going to be taught in Mandarin… and Johnny didn’t know Mandarin.

There was this huge language barrier that I had to overcome. I had a year of preparatory classes where I learned basic Chinese language and culture. Learning Mandarin was very challenging, but I knew I had a huge support network praying for me. After one year of intense study, I could speak Mandarin fluently.

Now just a few years later, Johnny has graduated with a degree in clinical medicine and is returning to Liberia for his internship. He’s thrilled for the opportunity to provide medical care to children and families who are living through poverty!

Being a doctor means everything to me. It’s a dream come true, a dream that took years of determination, hard work, perseverance and self-discipline. I am honored to be counted among those of this noble profession. I am also excited that I get the chance to save lives. I am most humbled about the opportunity to help people in less privileged communities.

It’s always encouraging to hear stories about children escaping the cycle of poverty, but the story often doesn’t end there. All around the world, CRF sponsored children are growing up to become agents of change in their communities. We are grateful that God allowed us to play a part in Johnny’s story and we are anticipating the great work he will do for Liberia!

I thank God for using you the bless me. You’ve touched thousands of lives, including mine, in a way that you can never imagine. Yours truly, Johnny Carolus Miller