Elvis Otieno Ohonga in 2008

Elvis is one of our greatest CRF legends. When he was in primary school at the Ring Road Orphan’s Day School, the Kenyan government tried to shut down this school with the putdown that AIDS orphans weren’t smart and our school in the slum was not up to standards. Our school was made to jump through all kinds of hoops until the ultimate challenge came one day.

The government made all of our students take the national achievement test to prove the academic inadequacies of our children. There was one problem for the educational powers that be in Kenya — they underestimated Elvis.

Elvis ended up scoring the highest grade in Kenya.When the news got out, the government officials from Nairobi came and accredited our school. And things have never been the same since.

Yes, Elvis has left the Ring Road building and pursued secondary school and college.

We started our primary schools in Kenya for AIDS orphans because they were left out and didn’t get to go to school.We never dreamed how much our children would excel if they were just given a chance.And we never knew how great our schools would become.

But our sponsorship fees were not enough to support our children to go to secondary schools.And our children were so smart that they were all getting accepted for higher education.

Our solution was to create our own secondary schools.

We still don’t have the total answer, but we have three new high schools in the last few months.We will need more,and we will need further support for labs, dorms, libraries, and dining halls. But we are well on our way.

I hope you will rejoice when you read in this issue about our three newest schools, and maybe you can help us develop them further.

– Milton Jones, CRF President