I don’t want to be redundant, but something was so striking that I simply have to share it.In this year’s annual report, I described a little boy named Evans in this way—

There was something about Evans’ countenance that stated the pathos of a broken world as well as any I’ve ever seen. Maybe it was the white hair. Children don’t have hair that color where Evans lives. Maybe it was his eyes. They seemed to have lost hope. Maybe it was his weight or lack of it. I thought it was malnourishment. Perhaps that caused the color of his hair. Maybe it was simply the pain of being an orphan. Or it could have been the horrors of the war he had lived through. It was hard to pinpoint the source of his pain. Evans was a war orphan on Mount Elgon in Kenya. He had witnessed his parents executed before his own eyes. He had no one to care for him. So he wandered on the mountainside with hundreds of other kids.

I was on Mt. Elgon a few weeks ago when someone said “Did you see Evans?” Actually I had, but I didn’t recognize him. Here’s the before and after pictures. Can you believe it?


It’s absolutely amazing what love, sponsorship, education, food, and the Lord can do in the life of a child! – Milton Jones, CRF President