HNSM0059 is more than a number. It’s true that it was the number used to identify a CRF child in our program in San Marcos, Honduras. But it’s the person behind that number that you need to know—Carlos Garcia. Jesus said “To whom much is given much is expected” (Luke 12:48). Carlos knows that verse. But Carlos also embodies that verse. Carlos’ life is about giving back.

Carlos is the nineteen-year-old son of Carlos and Adilia Garcia. Carlos’ father is a day laborer who works day to day, often not finding a job. Adilia makes and sells tamales. During the last three years, they have been very sick and not able to work. His parents are extremely grateful for CRF. Carlos and his brother, Anthony, have been supported by Christian Relief Fund since they started first grade. In spite of the unemployment in the family, the two boys were able to get an education. CRF has provided food, uniforms, supplies, shoes and other things needed to go to school.

Carlos spent 12 years in the CRF program in San Marcos. He was supported by Sunnyslope Church of Christ. And they didn’t stop supporting him even when he graduated from high school. In fact, they kept helping him on his academic journey to the point of his obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

You might think that Carlos would be attracted to all the doors that his new degree could open. Surely, he is—but that wasn’t his first thought. Carlos wanted to give back. He quickly started volunteering to teach computer classes to other CRF children. He is now working full time in tutoring the Christian Relief Fund students. He helps children realize how great a blessing it is to be sponsored by CRF. Carlos hopes to continue his studies on weekends at a university. But no matter what he does—Carlos Garcia is going to give back.