I’m often asked why Christian Relief Fund doesn’t employ more Americans. Well, we do have a lot of Americans working in America, but there aren’t very many working with CRF internationally. Usually, I explain how it is more financially responsible to hire people to work in their own country. They know the language and the culture. And they are empowered with the ability to meet the challenges of their own communities.

I have seen this to be especially true this week. It is so valuable to have people working for CRF in their home, where their roots are planted. Haiti experienced another devastating earthquake last month that destroyed so many communities. Thousands have died, food resources are scarce, and homes have collapsed. 

When the huge earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, I went there along with other Americans to help with relief. But when the latest earthquake happened, it was deemed too dangerous to go. Haiti’s president was recently assassinated. Gang violence is rampant. And kidnappings and terrorism are happening all over the country. I wanted to go, but I needed to stay home. 

That’s why I am so glad CRF has a team of Haitians on the ground who are equipped and ready to lend aid. They do a great job working with sponsored children and drilling water wells throughout the country. And they were ready and willing to go when the earthquake struck. We have an incredible team of people who are helping in one of the most dire situations occurring in the world at this time—we just need your help to keep the relief work going. Donations to our disaster relief fund are being sent directly to Haiti to provide food, shelter, supplies and hope!