Do you remember getting one of those little baby chicks for Easter when you were a kid? They were so cute. And you were so thankful. But what were you going to do with it?  Eat it? I don’t think so. Probably the last thing on your mind was that you were going to raise this cute little, baby chicken to be a source of your food. But in another place in the world that’s exactly what a child would think.

I remember the children at the Lakeside Orphanage near Lake Victoria being asked the question, “If you could have anything, what would it be?” How would you answer that question? Would it be a new car? Or a dream house? A vacation to the Caribbean?

That’s not how they answered the question. They said, “We would like to have meat once a week.” That’s all. If they could have had anything in the world, it would have been food. According to the United Nations, the price of food has reached an all time high. In developing countries, people now spend close to 80% of their income on food.

Here’s what I’m thinking. Instead of giving someone who doesn’t need it, a cute little chicken, could you give one to someone who really does need it this Easter? Since the price of food has escalated so much in the last few months, Christian Relief Fund has many places right now where there is not enough food. Could you actually give someone a chicken in one of these places? You could do that for $15. Or maybe you could spare even a little more for some food.

The real answer to the question proposed in this article is a new life. That’s what Jesus gives us through the power of the resurrection. That is what Easter is all about.  But sometimes it is hard to remember the ultimate answer when you’re hungry.