I miss my mom. She died last year when I was over in Haiti. No one exemplified James 1:27 more than the life of Helen Jones. I am who I am because of her. She gave me an example, encouraged me, and helped me in every phase of my life. More than anything I want to honor her with my life and work.

When she died, a lot of people made donations to CRF in her memory. I love flowers, but I really like CRF even more. And with the money given a school was built on Mt. Elgon in Kenya. David Marangach thought it was a great idea to remember my mom with this building on the campus of Milton Simotweet School. And I can’t think of a better memorial for her legacy than a place for perhaps the world’s most needy children to get an education and learn about Jesus.

As I was a little melancholy today with the absence of my mom, I also was smiling when I saw these pictures of the school and some of the children who would be attending there. There couldn’t be a better tribute for my mom. There’s nothing that she would have loved more than helping these precious children. It’s kind of like a part of her lives on in this area of Africa.

I think CRF does a good job with memorials. I have always believed that—but when I faced grief firsthand—I really became convinced that we provide a good service in the help of healing.

You may have seen all the memorials on the back of our newsletter. If you aren’t familiar with them, you can send a donation in your loved one’s memory when they pass away. We will notify the family with a nice memorial card and use the donation to help children around the world. Other people do the same things with honor gifts to recognize people who are still alive.

One of the greatest needs at CRF is for buildings for our children around the world. We take care of the needs of children with the $35 a month—but it won’t cover buildings needing to be built.

But maybe you will want to make a donation to build a building in their memory like we did for my mom. Or you could even drill a water well in someone’s memory.

I am so pleased with what happened in the life of my mother and how she will be honored for a long time in the future. And I wanted to share this experience in case one of you wants to do something similar in the future.

Thanks for remembering my mom. She was the best!!