… the orphans are sponsored.

What did you think we were going to say?

The number of new cases of Ebola in Liberia is down. There was only one new case last week.

School is going to start again this week. Hopefully, the economy will finally take a step forward.

CRF has been thanked over and over again for the part we played in helping the victims of the Ebola crisis. And we did play an important part in bringing relief for the glory of God. But it’s not over.

MacAnthony Siaker, our CRF leader in Croezerville, reminded us of the tragedy that people are forgetting. When this many people have died, many orphans are left behind.

Building orphanages isn’t always the best option. But we need to start one in Croezerville for the many Ebola orphans we are now serving there.

We’ve all heard a lot about the Americans who gave huge sacrifices to help in Liberia. But we also don’t want to forget the names of the Liberians like Jeremiah Cooley. Jeremiah was a CRF teacher who died of Ebola along with his wife. They left four orphans behind.

Our dream is to build a place for many of these orphans who were left behind.

Liberia is not going to be in the news like it was. We are going to hear that the crisis is over—but it’s not.

It’s not over until. . .