It’s certainly not a disaster like a hurricane, but it has been a disaster to us. The whole world has been watching the elections in Kenya between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga. The last time these two men ran against each other, it produced extreme violence. When they went at it again this August, the reported results showed that Kenyatta was re-elected with 54% of the vote, but his opponent alleged voter fraud and refused to accept the vote. When it was contested in the Kenyan Supreme Court, the results were annulled, and they are going to do the election over again in October.

Christian Relief Fund has more sponsored children in Kenya than any other country. And this election has disrupted our work in many ways. Bobby and I were to go to Kenya to help with the direction of our ministries there, but had to cancel because of the election. We postponed our trip to October and now we have had to cancel again. Our schools have had to be closed at times and children evacuated from certain locations because of the violence this summer. And now it is all happening again.

Please pray for peace in Kenya. It affects so many of our sponsored children there. We want them to be able to go to school and to be able to attend safely. Pray for all our directors that they can make good decisions on when to open schools and close them.

Thanks to all of you who sponsor children in Kenya. Indeed, you are changing lives. In fact, I have talked to some of our children who tell me that they are going to grow up and be leaders of their country and be honest leaders. I believe that you are paving the way for a great future for Kenya by sponsoring these children.

Thanks a trillion. – Milton Jones, CRF President