Little Miltonby Milton Jones, CRF President

He was wearing an orange shirt.
I think he had borrowed his shirt just because he was coming to see me.

He lived in a slum.
He was hoping to go to a school for AIDS orphans.

He was poor. He had a big tumor on his back.

And he wanted to meet me.

He came over to shake my hand. And I asked him his name. “My name is Milton,” the little boy said.

Here was little Milton in the orange shirt. And he was standing beside Big Milton in the orange shirt. He had so many strikes against him. I had so many things going for me.

Why him? Why me?

As I pondered our two lives, I realized that I had won the cosmic lottery. By being born where I was born and when I was born, I had hit the jackpot. No other people in the history of the world have had the advantages and resources that we have.

I don’t say this to make you feel GUILTY. I say it to make you feel GRATEFUL. And I mention it to persuade you to GIVE to help the little Miltons in our world.

I read where someone won $293 million in a lottery. What would you do if you suddenly had that much money? I was speaking at the Rejuvenate Conference held by Collinson Media in Columbus recently. At the end of the seminar, there was a big drawing for a cash giveaway. Steve Harvey reached into a container and picked the winner. Steve then counted out thousands of dollars and put it into the winner’s hand. Then the man walked over to me and handed me a big stack of bills from the money he had just won. “Give it to the children!” he said.

Wouldn’t you do the same if you had recently been blessed?… You have been.

You are blessed beyond belief. Can you give some to children?

It is the end of the year. It is a good time to give for tax reasons. But it is even a better time to give because you have been given so much. We really have a lot of needs here at CRF at the end of this year.

Don’t feel guilty. Do feel grateful. Thanks for giving!

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