This month Kevin Wasner and Bobby Moore from CRF’s main office in the US were able to visit and support our leaders in Romania as they serve Ukrainian refugee centers. Because of your generous support, our teams are able to relieve some of the stress on these families by providing food and household necessities. But that’s not all they are doing. Keep reading to hear more about Kevin and Bobby’s experiences along the border of Ukraine. 

 Вам помочь? 

I learned a new phrase today. May I help you? I can explain. 

Today’s schedule was sort of a disappointment. Our contact for the refugee center in Galati was a no-show, so we proceeded towards Tulcea. But first, a quick walk along the Danube river. 

Looking across the river – into Ukraine – I noticed some black smoke clouds in the distance. As we drove through Isaccea, Eugen Ana, CRF’s program director in Romania, pointed out a road that led to the border crossing with Ukraine and suggested we take a look. We turned around – and turned our trip upside-down. We stopped to ask a few questions at the border, but soon found ourselves in the middle of the action. Before we knew it, we were wearing volunteer vests and meeting the incoming ferries full of refugees who had traveled on foot. We assisted them in getting registered for lodging and transportation. 

 As I walked past the border guards, I looked across the river – more smoke in the distance – confirming my earlier suspicions that war was moving closer to Odessa. Hundreds – soon to be thousands – were fleeing to this crossing point. We were able to walk right up to the ferry landing and assist the mostly women and children. We mainly carried luggage and helped lighten their load, offering a smile and word of encouragement we hoped they’d understand. 

The first grandmother whose luggage I took burst into tears and couldn’t stop telling me пасибо – spasibo (thank you). It was such a simple task, but right then it was exactly what she needed. Then there was a young woman named Helen with her mother and five-month-old son. The sweet boy slept the whole time. What will his future look like? Will he see his father again? Will Helen be able to spend the rest of her life with her husband? 

Precious little Ida was traveling with her mother Olga and grandmother. You’ll notice her in the pictures. She is a kindergartner in her own little world, completely disconnected from the very different one of her mother and grandmother. I haven’t even mentioned the buses and many cars crammed with people, belongings and pets. There will be more coming tomorrow. Out of respect, I will not share a lot of personal photos. However, you can read between the lines and see them in my heart. These people are my sisters, my mother, my daughters, and my grandchildren. I’m their brother and father and Opa, and there but for the grace of God, go I.