Vincent is one of the Clinical Officers at the Jones-Ringroad VCT and Health Clinic. He has held that post since 2011. He has proven himself to be a very calm leader in the clinic, which can be a very busy and overwhelming place. His main responsibilities are to ensure the proper handling of incoming patients. He screens them and determines the best plan of action required to help meet their medical needs. He also liaises with the doctor at the clinic to determine the best protocols for the very difficult cases that come into the clinic.

He is the main breadwinner for his family and his extended family. Vincent is married and has a 15 month old at home. He also has 4 siblings and aging parents that he feels a responsibility towards, and helps them as much as he can financially. “This is the way it is in Kenya,” he says with a broad smile on his face. His mother suffers from chronic gastric ulcers and Spondylosis from a previous spinal cord injury. This is why he turned to a career in the medical field. He was driven by the passion to serve the underprivileged in society.

Vincent has a degree in Clinical Medicine from a Nursing College in Kisumu, Kenya. He is also a certified Public Health administrator. He would like to pursue a masters degree at some point in the future.

He is very grateful for the job that he has at the clinic. He had this to say, “I really love the set up we have here, and feel motivated all the time to work with this group of people that I call ‘my family.’ I don’t know who to thank in person, or who to thank directly, but I say here today that wherever this help comes from, I am grateful and thankful for it. I can’t be thankful enough as I reflect on my life and my family’s lives. We are all so thankful for our supporters.”