It’s not a party. It’s a fiesta.

Balloons. Cake. Piñatas. Candy. Decorations. Clowns. Music. Trees. Presents. Ice Cream. Tamales. Tacos.

No one throws a better Christmas party than Lorena Cardenas, our CRF director in Piedras Negras, Mexico. Lorena may be the best cook in the world (oh, except for my wife Barbie). And she is an unbelievable force in taking care of children and making any environment a happy one. So when Lorena throws a party, get ready. 

In my view, it is worth a trip to Mexico simply to go to one of Lorena’s parties. She somehow stretches the money you send for Christmas and creates a feast. Lorena serves CRF children along with Mandy and Eli Garcia, directors of the school. They have created a beautiful environment where you just can’t help but learn and have fun.

Unfortunately this year’s party will look a lot different because of COVID. The festivities and gifts will have to be delivered to each child’s home. But I’m already looking forward to the next time we can all be together!

Gracias a trillion for supporting Piedras Negras! 
And Feliz Navidad!