Some mushrooms may be good. Others aren’t. But children need more than mushrooms in a famine. 

After church service at our new Simotweet church plant on Mt. Elgon in Kenya, Peter Marangach, one of our CRF directors, was urged by a church member to pay a visit to and pray for a suffering family. Peter walked about a half an hour to get to his destination where he met two children, a boy and a girl, whose parents died in the war. The boy was washing utensils outside a traditional grass thatched house with a leaky roof. The two children looked sickly, hungry and terrified. 

Peter realized the boy was wearing long trousers made from an animal skin and a dirty orange shirt. The girl wore badly torn clothes that barely covered her. Silus Kibet is the boy’s name. The girl is called Ruth Cherop. Peter was told that their three younger siblings had gone to the forest to find food. Kibet had to remain at the house to look after a sick grandmother who was lying inside the grass hut. 

 When Peter asked if they had eaten, they told him that they ate mushrooms for their meal the previous night. The boy was hoping that the other children would come home with more forest mushrooms for their food on this day. 

Kibet told Peter why he wore the long animal skin. He had so many sores on his legs that he needed the long pants to keep the flies off his deep wounds. He didn’t have the ability to get proper treatment, so he put a few herbs on his sores. 

Peter was so touched. He prayed for them. He encouraged them. And the children are now being added to our sponsorship program where they will be able to attend school for the first time! 

We are living in what might be the worst period of world hunger in my lifetime. Most of the places where CRF works do not have enough food. Can you help? The next page tells you three ways you can give hope. 

 Would you like to sponsor Silus, Ruth, or one of our other waiting children in this area? If so, please contact our office at 800.858.4038 or email us at