A boy in an orphanage was asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

The boy replied, “I want to be Mr. CRF!” – Ionut

I love this wood cutting pictured above. Eugen Ana brought it to me from Romania. It’s the statement from Ionut that is so intriguing to me. He wants to be Mr. CRF when he grows up.

I wonder what was in his imagination. Did he think that he was destined to wear orange the rest of his life? No, he grew up assisted by CRF. His life was changed for the better in aspects of education, health and spirituality. And he liked it. He also got the message. If he received something good, he wanted others to as well. And being Mr. CRF meant to him that he got to do it in a big way.

Because of some mobility issues, Ionut spent a lot of time in our office in Bucharest. He knew the director and the staff. Ionut witnessed the inside workings of the management of CRF. But because he was also a child, he was totally acquainted with how a child is blessed by CRF. 

I identify with Ionut. I want to be Mr. CRF when I grow up too. Don’t you? And so many of you are — you have given to help change the lives of so many children. Call yourself “Mr. CRF” – although you don’t have to use the “Mister” if it doesn’t fit.

I’m thankful to Eugen and the other Romanian leaders for the wonderful ways they helped Ionut to have a better life. I’m thankful for all of you that have helped our work in Romania. And I’m thankful that now our Romanian work can truly bless the lives of Ukrainian refugees.