Every day in my work, I come across many people speaking about their opportunities in life. When I hear the word “opportunity,” I first think of career choices, getting a well-paying job, or venturing into business.

To a young girl like Janet Alilim from Redeemer Christian Academy, the greatest opportunity she has ever sought is to be in school. In Kenya many children are born into poor families. Affording an education is a treasure that these parents do not know how to give to their kids. Even though Janet’s mother wanted her to be in school all the time, she could not afford to pay her school fees.

When I asked Janet what she wants to become in the future, her response was the sweetest: “I want to become a teacher so that I can help people to read. At first, getting an education was a struggle. I thank my teachers because now I can read and write. I want every child to know how to read like me. I count myself privileged today because, even though my brother completed his class eight studies, he was not able to go to high school because education in Kenya is expensive. I was grateful and happy when I got a CRF sponsorship. I remember how my mother was excited because someone had come to lift her burdens. My mum washes clothes for people, which does not earn much money. Today I am in school. I know I will achieve my dreams of becoming a teacher. Thank you so much, CRF and my sponsor, for helping me to be in school today.”

Janet in class with some of her classmates.