We are not all the same. And this is especially true when it comes to getting an education. Some people have different interests. Other people have greater intellectual abilities. Financial concerns also come into play when choosing a school. And CRF has recognized this.

We have now seen that a traditional high school or college education may not be the best fit for every one of our students. That’s why we started the Steve Boyd Technical Institute. You can learn tailoring, welding, carpentry, masonry, automotive mechanics, computer technology and other practical disciplines that will train students in a field where they have a good opportunity to get a job. Haggai Kadiri is our director of Steve Boyd, and he informed me today that our first graduation took place this week. I believe that the education at Steve Boyd is truly going to give students hope and help them escape the cycle of poverty. I’m so proud of these graduates!!!

Here is what Haggai told me… 

Dear Brother Milton and the CRF team,

We continually thank God for you and pray that the Lord will continue expanding your boundaries for you have blessed and changed many needy children’s lives. It was all joy as our students graduated from Steve Boyd technical institute having been trained in dress making, masonry and having done the National Industrial Trade Assessment (NITA).

We have restored hope to so many of them. Some of the students were single parents, and now we are happy that they can pick up and get on their feet again. We will be mentoring them in the future and this includes visiting them in their places of trade and supporting them for the next year.

Much thanks and God bless!