Can you believe it? Over half a million people get water every single day from a well CRF has drilled. What a way to celebrate our 50th anniversary! Give someone a high five. Just a few years ago we started this ministry of drilling wells. We were so excited in our first year to drill two wells. Now we drill that many every week.

Our water ministry is under the direction of Andrew Brown. From the hundreds of thousands of people who will have something to drink today—”Thanks a trillion times, Andrew!” 

We couldn’t have done this without all of our gracious donors. You have bought rigs, paid for drilling, matched funds given, planted churches, and started schools. In a developing nation, water is the game changer. You have provided the first step in helping people escape the cycle of poverty.

Many of our wells have been drilled in Turkana, a desert region in northern Kenya. Rain has been scarce or non-existent there for many years. It could possibly be the worst famine in the world. CRF also drills in other parts of Kenya to bring water to children and communities lacking clean water. 

An incredibly generous donor has given us two rigs for Kenya as well as all of the other vehicles needed to run a first-class fleet. You have to be impressed when you see the vehicles of our Hope Water Africa team. 

CRF also drills for water in Haiti. The problem in Haiti is not so much having no water but having contaminated water that leads to cholera. We started in Haiti with the worst rig I have ever seen. I honestly don’t know how we ever reached water with it—but we did. Now we have another rig to use there that has advanced our work immensely.

And yes, we still have matching funds. 

Could you drill a well for our 50th anniversary? If you give $5000, it will be matched. And you will save even more lives with clean water. Our next goal is to reach one million people. Can you help us? We’re only getting started!

Visit to learn more about how you can get involved in CRF water projects.