Water and Jesus bring people together!!!

We have told you stories about how water in the desert brings life. We have also told you stories about how water opens up people to hearing the gospel and brings spiritual life.  But water has also brought peace that has saved lives in a different way. In this time of the year when we think of peace on earth, I know you will love this story.

You might call it a war. Or at least it was a big skirmish. It happened on the boundary of Baringo and Pokot in northwest Kenya. For generations, the tribes in this region have been fighting with each other. The boundary was a battleground.

Leaders of both tribes gather to pray before the drilling of the second well.

What can you do when year after year people just don’t get along? What do you do when disagreements and prejudice lead to violence and killing? How about bringing water? Most of the fighting seemed to center around access to scarce resources. What if the main limited resource people were fighting over was provided? Would there simply be more war or could they give peace a chance?

So CRF drilled two wells in this disputed land and planted mango trees. We also started some beehives and distributed goats. Both warring tribes began receiving food. And both communities started mingling around the wells with their goats and cows. Instead of being fearful of the other stealing their animals, people realized for the first time–standing around their new wells–that there was enough water for everyone. And peace broke out!

Local students celebrating the new well – and new peace – in their community.

Our CRF team preached about God’s peace that surpasses understanding. And Lokuko, the leader on the Pokot side, gave his life to Christ. This one-time warrior reached out not only to his own tribe but also to his former enemies.
And peace has reigned there to this very day.

Water can go a long way toward solving lots of problems. Maybe you want to give the gift of water for Christmas. Water can bring peace on earth. 

Don’t forget—We still have matching funds for water wells, too!