“Why do you hug us every day?” The Romanian soldiers asked.

“Because I know I’m safe now,” said little Sofia, an eight-year-old Ukrainian child now in Romania. Running away from Ukraine with her mom, Sofia had bussed four days to get to Bucharest. 

When asked if she liked Romania, Sofia would always show this picture of two hearts holding hands. On one was the colors of the Ukrainian flag. The other contained the colors of the Romanian flag. Sophia is ready to go home. Her father stayed in Ukraine to fight for freedom. But for now, Sophia has to wait. CRF is helping to provide food, housing, and other supplies to families relocated to Romania during this time. Sophia couldn’t be more thankful.

Kevin Wasner, who was in Romania as a part of our relief team, showed Sophia a picture of his two oldest grandchildren who were about her age. She decided that she wanted Kevin to have the pictures of the flags and gave it to him. Kevin bent down to thank her, and Sophia gave him the biggest hug. Kevin was glad it was a long hug so he could regain his composure. After autographing it, Sophia’s action and picture were forever imprinted on Kevin’s heart.

This picture is a selfie. Pictured on the right is Josh Farnsworth. CRF has supported Josh to be a combat nurse on the front lines of the battles in Ukraine. Josh has always been ready to assist CRF to help in situations of trauma. He was ready to help AIDS victims in Kenya, Ebola victims in Liberia, Covid victims in New York City, and victims of war in Ukraine. Years ago, Josh was a college student of Milton and Barbie. They describe Josh as a person of immense compassion who will do anything to help another person. Josh has nursed hundreds of patients in the most devastated areas of Ukraine. CRF is thankful to Josh for his great sacrifice. And yes, that person in the selfie who is greeting him in Ukraine is Angelina Jolie.