As we have communicated, CRF is moving in the direction of obtaining Place of Joy in Cap Haitien, Haiti. It will be the biggest facility that we have. Currently, it is a sad place where children have been abandoned with no food and no supervision. We are trying to change all that. But Place of Joy is much more than a place with tremendous potential—it is full of children with tremendous potential.

Find out how you can help us bring joy back to Place of Joy!

This is Jeffery.  He is a 12 year old street kid who one day was riding his bicycle and bumped into a car.  The driver got out of the vehicle and slammed Jeffery on the ground shattering his arm.  People didn’t know where else to take him, so they just dropped him at Place of Joy in Haiti.  When we got to this facility, there was no running water.  We just got the water working, but there are still no working showers or toilets.  We simply need some funds and workers to get this place better. We are needing about 5 more people to donate $500 a month to improve the facility for the children’s well being.

Mike Biggers, a CRF board member, is with his new buddy Anson.

Anson doesn’t speak English and very little French Creole, but Mike and Anson are best buddies because they are communicating through love. We have around 50 children at Place of Joy who need a sponsor. Can you make a new buddy like Anson and sponsor a child at Place of Joy?


Wilkins is 10 years old and lives in this room all by himself. When we first came to Place of Joy, there was no adult supervision.  There was not a single adult to care for him or help him learn and grow.  Talk about just being abandoned… Now, because of your support, things are getting much better for Wilkins!

Help us bring joy back to Place of Joy!