On February 6th, massive earthquakes struck across Syria and Turkey. The earthquakes caused widespread damage and collapsed over 110,000 buildings and homes.

As the dust settles, we are learning that more than 47,000 people lost their lives. Tens of thousands more were severely injured, and one million people were left homeless. The economic cost of the disaster is expected to be in the tens of billions. CRF is actively working with doctors and first responders who are providing medical aid as they are clearing the debris.

Here’s how you can continue to help

The best way to help is through a gift to our disaster relief fund. Your support will go directly to help those in need from the earthquake. Give at crf.com/disaster

Another great way to partner with us is to spread the word about the work we’re doing. As you share this information with others, ask your friends and family to help too!

Last but definitely not least, take a moment today to pray for help and hope to reach all those impacted by this disastrous event!