“Outdo one another in showing honor” (Rom. 12:10)
No one did this better than Ken Welke. He made everyone feel special. We are going to miss Ken so much after his recent passing.

Ken is the perfect example of why you should go on a mission trip with CRF. When Ken went to Kenya, he ended up sponsoring seven kids and got a life dream to build a high school there.

Ken’s sponsored child, Kevin Owuor, caught his encouraging spirit. Here is what Kevin wrote to Ken and his wife Julie.

I was once a street boy who could eat rotten food, sleep in the cold and drink wasted water. One who could be called a thief, one who could be rejected, neglected, isolated because I had nowhere to go. I was that boy who had a bright future but the shining future was sinking deep in the ocean, a boy who had sparkling eyes but the eyes were covered with darkness just because I had no one to show me the way, until the time I joined CRF and met you. Today I look at myself and steal a glance at my face through the mirror and see a bright boy full of leadership skills, respect, humility, honesty, discipline and the most important one is one who LOVES GOD.

I want to take this chance to praise you, to lift you high, and to return my credits to you! May you be blessed, Dad.