by Abraham Kipkesho, CRF Sponsored Child

 My name is Abraham Kipkesho, and I was once sponsored by CRF. Every month, week, day and hour I feel like saying a big thank you to Christian Relief Fund. I lack the right words to express my sincere appreciation to CRF. May the almighty God bless you, and may you testify to God’s blessings in your doors forever and ever. 

God is the God of everyone, no matter their status. My life has been a journey of unending, crazy experiences. Looking at me now, you might think that I was born and brought up in a rosy life. My life before CRF was actually tricky and difficult. I did not think I would make it in life because of my home situation. However, CRF changed my life. I went to six different schools when I was at the primary level. I kept getting tossed out because my family could not afford the tuition and entry examination fees. 

In between grades three and six, I spent most of my days looking after cows instead of sitting in class so I could earn some money to buy food for my family. My parents were jobless and had to feed eight children which was not an easy task for them. Because of so much sorrow, my father resorted to drinking alcohol to the point of being an addict. This later affected his health severely, and he died from his alcohol abuse in the year 2004. After my father’s death, I went to bed hungry, and it was difficult to get an education. 

CRF family, you are God-sent people. You came to me at the right time. In the year 2009, my hopes and dreams for a brighter future were ignited when I received a CRF sponsorship. I got a second chance to be great through CRF. I am grateful to the CRF team in Eldoret. They opened doors to me and made me part of their family. 

Abraham far right with his workmates

To Milton Jones, the CRF president, I appreciate you for bringing hope to many children and supporting us to break away from the cycle of poverty. To my dear sponsors, you have been my mother and father in Christ. Through your love and sacrifice, I have achieved my dream of becoming a horticulturist. Can you believe that I managed to build a small iron-roofed house for my mother?! My younger brothers and sisters are happy today because God has enabled me for the first time to be the one to pay their school fees! 

Even as I have moved on to the next step in my life and was married in April of 2022, a lesson to all of us is that no matter the obstacles and the hardship – the final crown can still be won. When you are too afraid to try for success, you have failed from the start. Thank you a trillion times to Milton Jones, my sponsors, and CRF for shaping my life.