It’s not every day that you get to ride a camel.

And it certainly isn’t every day that you get to ride a camel in Kenya with one of your best friends. But one day Ken Welke and I rode a camel together. I will never forget that trip. But it wasn’t camels that changed Ken’s life. It was children.

Ken lives in Everett, WA where he is CEO of Welcome Communications, a supplier of communication products and accessories.

I often think that Ken was misnamed. If I were naming Ken, I would call him “Barnabas.” There is simply no one more encouraging than Ken Welke. He is the epitome of a positive and optimistic person. And he has found the art of lifting up other people.

With Ken’s remarkable spirit, it is hard to imagine him facing tough times or having to deal with life’s disappointments. But recently he shared a dark time not only with me, but with his whole network of friends and associates. In the end, Ken didn’t get exactly what he wanted, but he found a way to help someone and turn a heartfelt frustration into another affirmative phase of his life.

No one will tell you better how sponsoring a child will not only change the child’s life but will also change your own life more than Ken Welke. Here’s his story:

“My wife Julie and I have been married over 30 years, and for the first 18 years we did our very best to have children, and after a long hard road we were unable to have them.

Even though it wasn’t meant to be, we still felt that we needed to do something more and wasn’t sure what that was, because at that point we couldn’t afford adoption as we had already spent close to $76,000 trying to have kids. So, we decided to sponsor 2 little boys and 2 girls in Kisumu, Kenya.

I was blessed back in July of 2007 to go meet our children in person. I had never been to a 3rd world country before, and even though I knew about poverty, I had no idea what real poverty was until I saw it first hand.

I remember coming home and putting my house key in the front door and pulling it back out and thinking… I have a key, a simple key. Most of the homes I saw in Kisumu were mud structures and didn’t have locks, and when you looked inside there was no carpet, it was just dirt floors.

Sponsorship has changed my life in a big way. – Ken Welke



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