Robert Massey told a story of Rudyard Kipling, who was one of the most celebrated authors of his day. He became a wealthy man, and a slogan began to go around that his words were worth $100 each. A cynical reporter one day pulled out a $100 bill saying, “Mr. Kipling, if it’s true that your words are worth $100, what word will you give me for this $100.”

Kipling thought about it for a bit, took the money from the reporter, placed it in his pocket and said, “THANKS!” 

Maybe there is no better word than “thanks.” In ancient times, that’s what they called the Lord’s Supper. And if there is any word I could give you, the donors to CRF, it would be thanks. Thanks for joining Christian Relief Fund on a journey to find hope. Thanks for making the world a better place. Thanks for not selling out to despair. As Emmanuel Namunyu, one of my best buddies in the famine in the Horn of Africa said to me, “Thank you a trillion times!”

Barbie showed me a picture many years ago of a little child in Malindi. The boy was in utter poverty. He took Barbie to his house, and Barbie said that she had never seen a more difficult place to live. But tears came to her eyes when she saw the little sign on his wall. She even took a picture and showed it to me. What did it say? “If God is for us, who can be against us?”

Even in the worst of situations, he was thankful. He still had his hope. This world is going through some tough times. Maybe you too are going through some rough situations, but there is still a place where you can say – “Thanks!” Have an Orange Day. Find some hope. Give some thanks.

CRF is thankful for you. For every child supported, for every well drilled, for every refugee fleeing Ukraine who received help, for every church planted, for every school built – thanks a trillion times!