Have you ever received a gift? Of course you have. Unless you are Jane. In her entire life, Jane said that no one had ever given her a gift. Can you imagine that? No one had ever considered her and given her something just to bless her life. And then one day, someone gave her a gift which changed everything. CRF likes to give goats. We do this on Mt. Elgon through Alex Cheroben. In the past Alex was supported by CRF to go to school. Now he is a minister on Mt. Elgon, a place of famine and war. And about six months ago, Alex gave the white goat to widow named Ann. When the goat had a kid recently, Ann returned the kid to her small group at church. And the new baby goat was given to Jane—her first gift ever. Jane was so happy for Ann, Alex and CRF. 

While they were still celebrating the blessing of the gift from Ann to Jane, Alex received some other good news that Delvin’s goat had given birth to a kid. Delvin is a widow who is a beneficiary of what Alex likes to call “The Goat Merry- Go-Round.” It’s the gift that keeps on giving. 

All of the small groups (or maybe you could call them the Goat Groups) are now coming together to meet on Sundays and have a goal of establishing a church together. 

When a goat reproduces a kid, it gives hope to a person who has not previously received a goat. It is an ongoing activity that is aimed at bringing hope and to touch as many lives as possible 

Alex Cheroben

 When I think of my life, I have received so many gifts. I can’t count them all. I have even received a goat. After CRF drilled a well in Turkana, I got in a Land Cruiser to leave the site. A man who was overjoyed came over to me as I was seated in the back seat. And then it happened. He put a goat in my lap. He was thanking me for bringing water. So I took off across the desert with a goat seated on top of me. It wasn’t exactly how I planned on traveling. As we traveled along the desert, I saw a nomadic man wandering across the parched land. I said, “Stop the vehicle!” And I gave the man my goat. I think he was very happy with my gift. And I was very happy to get rid of my gift. 

Maybe you need to give a goat. For $50 you can do so and bless people who perhaps have never before received a gift. And then they will find out at church about the gifts God has been giving them all along–gifts that are even greater than goats.