I never could eat my chocolate Easter bunny. It was just too special. I would usually leave it in the box.

So I knew exactly how Isaac Silva felt.

Christian Toruno and Rafael Romero took me to the community around our CRF school called “Las Maripositas” near Leon, Nicaragua. That’s where I met one of our sponsored children — Isaac Silva.

Upon meeting him, he quickly ran inside his little house and brought back his Christmas present. He was so proud of it and honored to show it to me.

But it was still in the box. Why?

It was so special he simply couldn’t open it.

Esteban Valle, our director there, had bought Isaac a toy truck. What a great present! I remember an early Christmas in my life when I got a toy truck. It seemed like nothing in the world could have been better.

Well, we had to convince Isaac that it was all right to take the truck out of the box and play with it.

Where did the truck really come from? Esteban had purchased it. But he did so because Isaac’s CRF sponsor had sent money for a Christmas present.

I just wanted to share this with you so you would know that when you send money for a Christmas present—your child gets a present, your child gets a good present, and your child thinks the present is very special.

It’s not too late to send $10 for your child’s special Christmas present. And for every extra $10 you give, one more child will have a gift this Christmas morning!

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