This story broke my heart. There is an entire area in the train terminal of Lviv devoted to fleeing mothers and their children. It is a place of refuge. Food is available. And a mom can get some needed encouragement from the volunteers there. 

One mom traveled a long distance to this resting spot on her journey to leave Ukraine. She told her little girl that she could pack one toy to take with her on the trip. She picked her colored pencils. She even sharpened them down low so she could pack more of them. When the mom and daughter arrived at the terminal, the little girl saw all the other sad and tired children gathered for their wait between trips. Upon seeing the others in her same predicament, she gave every child one of her colored pencils until she ran out. 

I needed this story because I want to think of every fleeing refugee as a child with colored pencils rather than a statistical number. And in this overwhelming tragedy, we need everyone doing anything they can do — even if it is giving a colored pencil. 

CRF has had a sponsorship program in Ukraine for many years. We were already there before the Russian invasion. And at the present time we are not able to make contact with some of the children in our program. It is likely many of them have fled along with their families. But we will do everything we can to help these and other children in Ukraine. It is difficult to keep up with what is happening in Ukraine because of the breakdowns with phones and the internet. Please pray for Galina, our CRF director in Kyiv as she does everything in her power to bless these children. 

CRF also has a program in Romania. Laurentiu and Raluca are our directors in Bucharest. Hundreds of thousands of refugees from Ukraine have entered Romania. Around half of them are children. Our CRF ministry in Romania will be hosting and helping these refugees. We will do what CRF does best — help children in need. 

CRF helps children who have been orphaned by AIDS, famine, and war. Over the years I’ve noticed that all orphans suffer, but war orphans tend to have the longest recovery time. These Ukrainian children are going to need help, encouragement and counsel for the long haul. 

Can you help us help? These children are real. Some carry little colored pencils.