I can talk all day about the atrocities and horrors of the war in Ukraine. CRF is doing its best to help in every way we can. But something happened that ripped our heart out. Here’s the honest truth—we have lost track of some of our CRF children during the war. We don’t know where they are. We assume that they went to another country with their families like so many other children have done. But we don’t know exactly where they are now residing. We hope for the very best, but it is difficult to not know where they are absolutely.

We have done everything that we can to locate them. We have had neighbors look. We have had our combat nurses look for them. We have had intelligence experts use their resources to find them. But some things are bigger than CRF and our resources. So we pray and hope. 

One of my favorite names of God is El Roi. It means “the God Who Sees.” This name of God tells us that God sees everything. This is the most comforting aspect in this situation. I know that God sees these kids. He knows where they are. He loves them. And they are under His watchful eye when it comes to aid and protection. Situations like this make us trust God more. When there is nothing you can do, you must trust God. His name is El Roi. Please call out to the God Who Sees on behalf of these precious Ukrainian children. 

If you sponsor a child in Ukraine, we will be in touch soon with an update.

Eugen and Kathryn Ana, our refugee response leaders in Bucharest, have spent time at the northern borders of Romania and Ukraine delivering needed supplies to various refugee centers, They continue to serve, provide aid and identify areas of need as the war persists. About 1,000 people a day are crossing into Romania and receiving food, water, toiletries and basic necessities at our centers.

At CRF Bucharest we have helped supply a center that is providing hot meals and a free store with clothing, food, hygiene and household items from which to choose. This location has more than 1,000 emergency beds available.

Thanks for helping in Ukraine and Romania. We will continue to need funds to help the victims of disaster. But we need your prayers even more. Jesus told the story of the shepherd who left the ninety-nine to find the one sheep. We are confident that Jesus will seek the lost children of Ukraine.

We will continue to help in Ukraine. And we will continue to help refugees who have fled to Romania.