Sometimes we drill a well, and we go ahead and plant a church without a preacher. We do everything that we can do to get them one as soon as we can. But we drill wells so quickly (in six days on average), and it takes some time to train a preacher (usually a year).

So what do we do in this in-between time? That’s where Proclaimers come in. You may not know what a Proclaimer is, but they have become invaluable where we plant churches.

A Proclaimer is like a boombox only it has the Bible recorded on it. You can get them in nearly any language with a native person who speaks that language reading God’s Word. They are solar powered and loud enough for at least 300 people to hear.

When we don’t have a preacher, we give the community a Proclaimer and the people get a message they can understand. This is especially helpful where we drill wells. Although we don’t have enough preachers ready to go, the people can still hear the Bible. This is important because in most of the places we drill, many of the people are illiterate. So sending Bibles doesn’t help much.

Faith Comes By Hearing in Albuquerque makes Proclaimers. They have nearly every language. And if they don’t, they will make a new one in that language. They sell Proclaimers to CRF for only $75. What a small investment to bring the Good News to people who have never heard it! Many people send Proclaimers through our Christmas catalog—but you can donate for them anytime.