Sometimes it seems like you can’t get a break. That’s certainly the case if you live in Turkana, Kenya. If you live there, you are in one of the worst droughts in history.

Since it hasn’t rained in years in many of the locations there, CRF has devoted ourselves to drilling water wells, providing goats, teaching agriculture, sponsoring children, educating the kids, and planting churches. If you read our newsletters, you have noticed how we have drilled water wells for hundreds of thousands of people and given away thousands of goats.

And then it rained. And that’s the problem. We had been praying for rain for years. But this rain caused a flash flood because of the hard ground. The water didn’t soak into the ground—it simply flooded across the desert—and then it was gone. There was no benefit to the long-awaited rain.

But the big issue is that the water was so deep that goats that we had given to the people there were drowned.  And the crops that we had so carefully cultivated were also washed away.   And all of this took place in the very area where David Marangach, our CRF church planter, had recently planted a church. Schools have been closed. Disease is spreading.  And hunger is a crisis. It seems that some people can’t get a break.

You have helped so many times before in Turkana. We are continuing to drill wells there. The clean water will be very helpful and provide the greatest resource needed for crops in the future. But right now, they need more goats and food. I apologize for the picture of dead goats. I don’t want to offend anyone. But when I saw it—it made me mad, sad, and want to give these people a break.