New things are happening every day at CRF. And good things are also happening daily at CRF. You never know what a day will bring. As I was pondering what to include in this month’s newsletter, I checked my email. And there were three consecutive emails with great stories—so I just decided to use those three events. There are so many more stories, and I’m sure I’ll get more tomorrow. But I wanted to let you know the kinds of things I see every day when I open up my email.

One of the worst wars in history has happened on Mt. Elgon in Kenya. It was a civil war that has left thousands dead and many others orphaned or widowed. In the midst of all this, CRF has sponsored children, started schools, planted churches, and fed people who have been victims of the pandemic. Peter Marangach has been a leader in all of these compassionate efforts. And here is what he told me today.

Many widows and the neediest families are singing loudly at the top of their lungs… praying and praising God for your help. They happily received the relief food we offered them on your behalf. We served them at the newly planted Simotweet Church.

These two young men, pictured here who have received food, were the most dangerous leaders of our war. They were great enemies that attacked even their own family members during the time of tribal war!

With the common CRF relief food that these two shared today–for the first time after a long period of enmity–they decided to bury their differences and stop fighting. They have even decided to be brothers, and they have become a part of our newly planted Simotweet Church.

The relief food you send not only feeds the hungry but also brings together enemies for forgiveness and a handshake.

Geoffrey and Kwemoi are now friends and followers of Jesus Christ…

God bless you,