They have the same last name. They have the same journey. They have the same occupations. And now they are doing the same thing. And they are right back where they started.

The stories of Samson and Samuel Methari (no kin just the same name) start and end with CRF.

I don’t have a “before” picture of Samuel, but the one of Samson is priceless.

CRF started in India. A few years after it began, Samson (the shirtless boy in the old photo) was brought to our children’s home. He was poor and had no food to eat. He came with his sister (to his left) who was also blind.

Not long after this, a little destitute girl named Jyothi also arrived at the home. Together they learned about the Lord, grew up in our children’s home, received an education and eventually became husband and wife. Samson was one of the earliest sponsored children at CRF and was sponsored by Dale & Sharon Blevins of Sand Springs, OK.

Samuel Methari was born just one year after Baxter Loe started CRF in India. Samuel grew up in poverty in Kuncharam. Similarly, he had no food to eat when he was brought to our CRF home in Tandoor. He grew up as a Hindu before converting to Christianity after living in the CRF home. And he met Subodha. They have now been married for 35 years. Samuel was sponsored by Ed and Milly Cameron of Milsap, Texas.

How did they come full circle? Both Samuel and Samson became lawyers. And both Samuel and Samson became preachers. And now both Samuel and Samson decided to go home. They wanted to go back to where they started. They are now house parents at two of our works—the Ruby Nell Cottage and the Dale Hunt and Bray Clarry Cottage.

People ask me all the time what happens after the children leave a CRF program. Sometimes, they come home.

Here are a couple of pictures of the families of Samson (left) and Samuel (right).

I don’t know if they are not smiling because of cultural reasons, because they are lawyers, or because they are preachers. But on the inside, they are really joyful people who have come full circle and are bringing joy to children who are like they used to be.

They understand what Jesus said—
“To whom much is given, much is expected.”

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