It’s easy to think of Christian Relief Fund only as a compassion and justice ministry… Maybe we don’t explain enough about the other dimensions of what we do.

The other day a church put us in their missions budget because they said it was hard to find anything more evangelistic than what we are doing. I think that church understands.

Goerge Obonyo, minister at Ring Road in Kisumu, Kenya baptizing a sponsored child in Lake Victoria.

As an example when I was in Kisumu, Kenya a couple of weeks ago, I got to witness 53 baptisms in Lake Victoria. If I would have made it to Emmanuel’s Farm a few days earlier, I would have seen over 80 people baptized into Christ.

And it is not just Africa, in Nicaragua, we had 40 baptisms in one day last month. And when I was in Haiti a few months ago, 20 people were baptized in the river near Benjamin.

And it is not simply individual conversions we are seeing. Entire churches are being planted! We helped Francis Bii plant a church in Eldoret about four years ago, and since then he and the church there have planted 31 more churches. These are African-led churches that are totally self-supporting.

We are proud of the many dimensions of CRF whether it is educational, health oriented or social.

But we never forget the spiritual. In fact, the Gospel is the common bond for everything we do.

I tell every work that our first priority is for our children to grow up like Christ. It’s nice to see it happening, isn’t it?  Your sponsorship is transforming lives and eternities. – Milton Jones, CRF President