Place of Joy. That’s what it is called. And that is what it could be.

But it hasn’t had a lot of joy in quite some time.

Place of Joy is in Cap-Hatien, Haiti. The government of Argentina built it after the great earthquake there. It is hard to believe how nice of a facility they built. It is over 70 acres with a school, dormitories, health facility, ranch, farm and church building. It has the potential to take care of hundreds of children.

The government of Argentina delegated the supervision and overall care of Place of Joy to the Catholic Church. But for whatever reason, Argentina and the Catholic Church pulled out. They left the facility and around 50 children who were living there.

After the abandonment of the facility, the Haitian government took charge. But they didn’t devote people to run the school or provide funding for it.

As a result, the government asked Altagrace Touissant, who works for CRF’s Sovereign School in Cap-Hatien, to be the director there. There was only one problem—there was no money. The government had stopped funding the children and the facility was wasting away.

CRF’s Bobby Moore has been in talks with the Haitian government, and they are now willing to give control of Place of Joy to CRF. This facility is bigger and has more potential than any place CRF works.

There is now hope for Place of Joy! But we need some help.

Bobby said that if 8 individuals would give $500 a month, we could renovate and bring some joy to Place of Joy. We would also need sponsors for the 50 kids immediately.

Could you do one of these?

We started bringing food to Place of Joy. As soon as the groceries arrived—Bobby Moore, Rick Chandler, and Mike Biggers heard from a child, “Now, we aren’t hungry any more!”

The children had been starving. Now there is food. There can be so much more if you can help us! We also need some mission trips going to Place of Joy to do some hands on work to get this place cleaned up and fixed up, so let us know if you are interested in visiting!

Help us bring joy back to Place of Joy!