I have been traveling with a group from Preston Road Church of Christ this week. We have done some cool stuff, met some wonderful servants, and we have seen one amazing thing after another. Today was about letters. About the letters you sponsors write to your kids. Or, don’t write to your kids.

One small boy, Emmanuel asked me to take his picture. He wanted me to remember his name and when I returned to the office to find out who his sponsor is and scold her. He knows her name, but I won’t mention it here. He quickly said that he loves her and thanks her for sponsoring him. I asked if he writes to her, and he said, “many times, but she has never written to me.” He is looking forward to the day that a letter from his sponsor comes to him. He thanked CRF for bringing visitors to see him, and he wanted me to make sure to invite his sponsor for our next trip to Kenya. I will be sure to do that!

One of our other travelers told me a story tonight about his daughter, Kennedy. Their family had sponsored a girl named Brenda for years, but recently she was replaced by another child. Today at school, Brenda approached Kennedy. She had returned to Ringroad School recently. Brenda had something in her hand.

It was a letter and picture that Kennedy had sent to her 6 years ago. Brenda treasured that letter as if it were her only valuable possession. Imagine where that letter had gone in its travels. Life is rough in the slums and countryside of Kenya. It was hard for Brenda to keep that letter so neatly folded, clean and pristine. You know how much she valued that letter.

Please take a few minutes of your day and pray about your sponsored child. Better yet, take a few more minutes and write them a letter. They will treasure it and be reminded that someone very far away loves them.

Write your child online today! It’s really simple!