We all know that clean water is a big issue in the world, but sometimes it becomes a lot more personal. 

Like many students, Alex Kitum and Dorcus Ewoi left home last summer to attend college. But these two traveled quite a bit farther than most! 

Alex and Dorcus are from Suwerwa and Kapkarwa – two beautiful, neighboring communities in Central Kenya that share one huge problem – lack of access to clean water. Growing up in their communities, people were always sick from contaminated water. Alex and Dorcus spent countless hours of their lives fetching water for their families. In fact, it wasn’t unusual for the children to travel up to 6 miles each day to obtain water for their families. 

Maybe that’s why Alex and Dorcus got so good at running!

While they didn’t know each other back home, Alex and Dorcus ended up meeting at South Plains College in Levelland, Texas on track scholarships.

That’s where they met Dee Dee Odorizzi, a professor at South Plains and a member of First Christian Church in Lubbock.

As Dee Dee explains it, “No one will ever convince me this wasn’t a ‘God thing.’ I had two students from remote villages on the other side of the world show up in my office at a small community college and tell me about the water needs in their communities on the EXACT SAME WEEK that my church began raising funds to drill wells in that EXACT SAME PART of the world. It was nothing short of a miracle.”

It’s true! In another college connection, Jim Evans – Milton’s “little brother” in Saddle Tramps (a spirit and service fraternity at Texas Tech) – had gone on to become the executive minister of First Christian Church in Lubbock and was leading the charge to connect his congregation to CRF’s work of bringing clean water and the Living Water to those who were thirsty. In fact, they were already raising money to drill a well!

Community members in Kapkarwa celebrate their newly drilled well!

Dee Dee came to Jim and asked if the well they were funding could possibly help her students. Jim didn’t know for sure. But he called Milton, and they looked at a map together. Alex and Dorcus’ communities were very near Kitale — the place of CRF’s very first work in Africa.

Most of the time CRF drills in the Turkana region of northwestern Kenya. It is the place of greatest drought and famine in the country. But we travel south for a few months out of each year to give our crew a break from the harsh desert climate. And in another incredible “God thing” we had already planned to be in the Suwerwa and Kapkarwa area in early 2020!

We are delighted to announce that drilling wrapped up just a few weeks ago. More than 2,300 people now have clean water for the first time! The wells are equipped with solar pumps and taps that provide water to multiple local schools as well as the general public. 

Back at South Plains, Dee Dee had the opportunity to share the success of the water projects with Alex and Dorcus. And their reactions did not disappoint!

Alex put his head in his hands and started thanking God for what He had done for Suwerwa.

Dorcus broke out in the biggest smile and said, “I’m so excited and proud. My people are going to get clean water! God bless everyone who contributed to our dream.” 

Dee Dee told us, “It was so exciting to see the relief on the students’ faces because they no longer have to worry about their families back home. This water means everything! It’s not often that you get to be part of something that will literally change the lives of so many for generations to come. I’m so grateful for the opportunity.”

It’s amazing how God brings people together and networks them for His purposes. For decades God connected so many dots from Lubbock, Texas to Kenya and back in order to transform these two communities. Thanks Alex and Dorcus! Thanks Dee Dee! Thanks Jim! Thanks First Christian! Thank you God!

Every prayer and bit of support you give to CRF is part of a much bigger story!