CRF directors in the field find the most needy children and gather their information to enroll them in a CRF program where they wait to be sponsored. CRF sponsors orphans and vulnerable children in 20+ developing countries worldwide.

As soon as you sponsor a child, major changes start to happen in their lives.  They start attending school, get new clothes and shoes, and start eating a much more balanced diet.  Most of all, they experience a new level of love and support through their sponsors and CRF program staff.

Sponsored children love the opportunity to connect with their sponsors through letter writing, and send at least two letters each year.  They are ecstatic when they get a letter back! Once per year, picture day is a very exciting time for children to show their sponsors how much they have grown!

Write your child today!

Along with clean water, food, housing and education — children have access to medical care when they need it. CRF’s programs focus on preventing diseases by providing mosquito nets, vaccinations, and other basic health items.  We also make sure that children have access to a doctor when they are ill.

 Because of your sponsorship, children get the opportunity to go to school.  Sponsors’ support either pays for school fees at a public school or allows a child to go to one of our great CRF schools in areas where public schools are not adequate.

CRF children learn about the Bible every single day through schools and our CRF directors. Our greatest goal is to see our kids grow up loving Jesus. In fact, children often say that they know God’s love because of the faithful support of their sponsors.

 Our goal is for every child in our programs to complete high school. Some children are then accepted to college.  At that point, their sponsors have the option to continue supporting their child during their higher education.

After graduation, CRF children often return to their community and make a big impact. Many of our children have become teachers in CRF schools.  And many have sponsored other needy children themselves in gratitude for the help given them!