I have slept most of my life on a waterbed. I guess I’m just an old hippie, but I like them. However, Barbie talked me into buying a new bed. It’s a traditional bed, and I hate to admit it—but it is so comfortable! Whether it is comfort, relaxation, sleep, or whatever—it’s like this bed has changed my life. It wasn’t that expensive, but what an investment it was. If you are bed shopping, contact me, and I’ll tell you about it.

I love my bed, and I can’t imagine what it would be like not to have it. I don’t even want to go back to my waterbed. And I certainly can’t imagine not having a bed at all. Yet, that is the case with a bunch of our children. They don’t have beds. And if they do, they have to share them with too many other children. Kevin Wasner told me he visited a school recently and saw five kids in a single bed. That’s too many!

Lately, we have been building a lot of schools with dorms. And in many locations, we just don’t have enough beds for the children. It’s time for beds. When children don’t have a bed, they obviously don’t get a lot of sleep. But they are also tired which makes it hard for them to concentrate in school. Can you imagine sleeping on a hard floor? Wouldn’t it make your efficiency worse?

At a seminar, I heard a guy plea for “a bed for every head.” I like that. Could you help us to make sure that every one of our CRF children has a bed?

You can buy a mattress for only $25. If you wanted to add a mosquito net, you could do so for another $10. If you could help us with a bunk bed frame, it would be $100.

I got a new bed. I think that it’s time to get our kids new beds too. Can you help? A bed can help change the life of one of our kids. — Milton Jones, CRF President