Brandon back at school

To quit or not to quit? That was Brandon’s dilemma.

There are upwards of ten million teens in Mexico that have decided for one reason or another to stop going to school. And when they do—problems like unwanted pregnancies, drug use or even drug trafficking can be right around the corner.

Why would a kid quit? It could be to start working. Maybe a child’s family can’t handle the costs of sending their child to school. Or it may simply be that the child doesn’t see the hope of a better future with or without an education.

That’s why it is so exciting that Brandon came back! He was one of our first sponsored children for CRF in Saltillo, Mexico. But he quit school at the age of 12. Now two years later, he has decided to come back. We have him in a program that helps dropouts catch up. And now three other former CRF kids have followed his example and decided to do the same.

We are often asked why a child who is sponsored would quit school or leave sponsorship. And it is so sad when they do. We know it upsets and saddens any sponsor. But the temptations to quit are extraordinary in places of poverty. When you haven’t seen many success stories, it is hard to believe that you could be one of them.

If you have a sponsored child, could you encourage them to stay the course—finish school, keep going to church, and make good choices? We rejoice that Brandon has come home. We love second chances. And we rejoice that so many have seen the hope of a bright future and chosen to stay with CRF.

When you invest in CRF, your sponsored children are real children who face real temptations and life choices. That’s why it is so wonderful to see the opportunities of a good decision like that of Brandon!