As Bobby Moore was giving a short-term mission group a tour of the Town Square in Saltillo, a tour guide approached him and asked if he could show them around. After guiding them around the huge cathedral in the center of the city, he asked Bobby if they would like to see anything else. Bobby explained that he wanted to be taken to the barrio where the poorer people lived so that they could help them. It wasn’t the usual tourist site, but he obliged them.

Upon arriving at the barrio, the group found a house on fire. Bobby and his group quickly assembled a bucket brigade to extinguish the flames. The burning house belonged to the family of Gerardo and Laura Sanchez Torres. Even though the house didn’t survive, new relationships were formed. And Bobby and his group decided to make sure the Torres family got a new house. It might not look like a house in your neighborhood, but in this barrio—this house is incredible. It is several stories high, made with concrete blocks (won’t burn as easily) and even has tile floors. There is a nice kitchen, and it even has running water and electricity. Laura makes sure it is immaculate on the inside.
Not only did they get a new house. Their daughter, Nora, also became a sponsored child with CRF. Fred and Janice Slough sponsored Nora. She had a tough time staying in school through the years, but now Nora is back in class and has just qualified for a very difficult math competition in high school. She hopes to graduate in the near future.

But here’s the best part of the story. Our directors of the CRF work in Saltillo are Jeremy and Kaci Snyder working with Audrey Burnett. They have done an amazing job loving children at the CRF Community Center. But they are moving back to the United States and are going to be followed by four Mexican leaders.

And guess who one of them is? Yes, Laura Sanchez Torres.

She will be working with CRF as the liaison between the barrio and the CRF center. She will be handling the communication between the children and their donors.

And she will be living right in the barrio where she can minister regularly to all the kids.

What a story! Laura has come from being helped to a helper. What a circle. On the horrific day of the fire, all seemed to be lost. God had a different and dramatic ending to this story that no one could have guessed.